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Meet Out Homes MKE Team

It’s our collective love and commitment to the City of Milwaukee that inspires our endeavors to partner with the Homes MKE Program as emerging developers. Milwaukee is our hometown. Not only do the members of our development team reside within the city, Milwaukee is where we raise our children and foster our families.

From a young age, Adrienne Hunter, CEO of Servant Manor Inc., knew her entrepreneurial spirit would impact the world around her. With the support of her mother and spouse, Gregory Hunter, Sr., she co-founded Servant Manor, Inc., a nonprofit organization serving youth involved in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice systems. According to the National Foster Youth Institute and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than 23,000 children will age out of the U.S. foster care system every year. The transition for young people who exit is much more abrupt. At age 18 or, in some states, at age 21, these young adults are expected to shift from being dependents of the state to being independent young adults virtually overnight.

Overall, the “Safe Families. Safe Neighborhoods.” initiative will be an extension to the group home services provided through Servant Manor and part of their Continuum of Care for youth aging out of the system. This initiative will provide stable housing, soft skills training, employment opportunities, and housing resources for families to transition successfully to the next stage in life. This will yield stability and non-disruptive family reunification.

This year, Mrs. Hunter celebrates 20 years of service through Servant Manor, Inc. – having impacted thousands of youth, while also providing income to hundreds of employees under her charge. Transitioning into real estate in the capacity of an emerging developer, is just an extension of the work Mrs. Hunter and her spouse have already accomplished within the city. The two have purchased and owned independent living facilities, and also led and operated transportation services. These endeavors have ingrained perseverance, grit and sterling problem solving skills that continue to aid the Hunters in all they do. Mrs. Hunter obtained her baccalaureate degree from Marquette University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Again, Mrs. Hunter’s and the entire development team’s roots to the city of Milwaukee run deep. In the face of challenges, like being denied acceptance into Milwaukee’s ACRE Program, Mrs. Hunter continues to display resilience and a steadfastness to her vision for affordable housing and safe communities for the residents.

Siblings, Jennifer and Jeffrey Webster, are also motivated by the vision of seeing the City of Milwaukee restored and its neighborhoods revitalized. The siblings were born and raised in the Bronzeville community, where they grew up observing their mother and older sibling’s real estate ventures. Jennifer and Jeffrey saw firsthand the rewards and pitfalls that developing and owning real estate in urban communities can bring. These experiences have brought an understanding of the value that owning real estate offers and has led the siblings throughout their development journey. Professionally, Jennifer and Jeffrey have over 15 years of experience engaging with Milwaukee residents. Jeffrey serves as Branch Manager at a local bank, while Jennifer provides social services to youth and families. The two consider themselves to be lifelong learners and are always intentionally striving to expand their knowledge to enhance the world around them. Jennifer’s completion of the 72-hour educational requirement to obtain the Wisconsin Salesperson/Realtor license is a prime example of this.

Mother and daughter, Jamila and Alice Pugh’s background and tenure also demonstrate a charge to the City of Milwaukee. Most notably, is Alice’s years of service to the Milwaukee Public School District. Now retired, Alice has shifted her devotion towards real estate investment and development. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Alumni, Jamila Pugh, has devoted her expertise in finances to providing financial literacy education and guidance. Her financial insight drives her entrepreneurial actions and new interest in real estate.

Anita Clinton’s interest in real estate began in the early 2000s when she started working as a loan originator and later became a real estate agent and broker. Her target audience was first-time homebuyers and investors. As she states, “there is nothing like the feeling you get when you experience a family receiving the keys to their own home. In addition, it is also a great feeling to assist investors as they use real estate to create generational wealth for their families.”

After a couple of years working in the industry, she started investing in real estate and creating generational wealth with her family. Together, they purchased a distressed multi-unit property that was renovated and sold just weeks before the 2008 Housing Crisis. This crisis changed everything for the new real estate investment company, and she eventually transitioned out of the real estate market and industry and founded Anita Clinton Enterprises, LLC. Although out of the field, her passion for real estate remained and was reinvigorated when she joined the “Safe Families. Safe Neighborhoods.” development team. She believes this is a great opportunity for the team to make a difference in the community.

As a collective, our development team brings far-reaching experience and skill to the real estate industry. Our accomplishments, track record, professional and familial ties strengthen our capacity and assures our resourcefulness for success as a new Home MKE partner.





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